Get the Edge is on hiatus until Summer of 2020.  We hope to see you then!

Get the Edge Summer Figure Skating Camp

Whether you aspire to improve your skating skills for individual or team competitions or you skate for fun, Get the Edge can help you reach your personal skating goals.  Our staff of highly qualified coaches are trained in all disciplines of figure skating and are here to help you to improve your skills in a nurturing environment encouraging fun and safety while challenging skaters to take chances and learn new techniques. 


Get the Edge Summer Figure Skating Camp offers instruction for children ages 6 and up who are at Basic Skills Level II and all the way up to advanced Freestyle and Moves levels. Groups will be appropriately leveled so skaters are challenged but not frustrated. 

Camp enrollment closes as 50 skaters.  Early Bird discounts are in play through May 1st.  Register before March 31st to receive the greatest discount!  

Click here for a sample of past camp season programs (in landscape mode)


For more information on any of our figure skating camps or clinics, please email