The Wissahickon Skating Club remains closed as our ability to reopen is controlled by the City of Philadelphia and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and, to date, neither has issued reopening plans for indoor sports and athletic facilities.  When we receive word that we will be permitted to reopen we will notify you via email and via our web site (  

In the interim, our Board of Directors, managers, and committees will continue speaking several times per week to share ideas and make decisions on topics ranging from maintaining the strong financial health of WSC to having in-place best practices for keeping our employees, members, and guests safe while at WSC. Importantly, when we do reopen, it undoubtedly will be under significant constraints imposed by the governmental entities mentioned above and likely additional constraints from other sources and adopted by the Board.  These constraints will be distributed in advance and posted in various locations around our facility. When we re-open we are committed to doing so in a safe and responsible manner. Hope to see you back on our ice soon!

Please click here for the 2020 Spring/Summer Schedule Planning Timeline

USFS Test Session Dates:

  • Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 8:30 am-12:30 pm. All Moves and Freeskate levels and through Gold Dance, signed form and payment due by Apr. 20
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WSC USFS Test Registration

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Test Information:

  • All testers must be current members of US Figure Skating in order to be scheduled to test at WSC. Skater’s coach must be in full compliance with US Figure Skating and provide current instructor insurance document to WSC office.
  • Tests are eligible to be scheduled once the completed and signed (by coach) application and proper payment, including any potential non-club or late fees have been received by the office.  Tests are then considered in the order that those completed forms and payments were received.
  • All test forms must include the skater’s current USFS number, the coach’s signature and the skater’s and coach’s email address.  All correspondence regarding the test session and schedule will occur via email.
  • Incomplete applications or applications submitted without the proper payment will not be scheduled until the corrected application and payment are both submitted.
  • Tests will continue to be accepted for scheduling until the available amount of ice time for that test date has been exhausted.  If this happens, and if the rink is able to acquire both ice time and relevant judges, an additional test session, called an overflow test session, may be added at the discretion of the rink and the test chair.
  • Test Fees (including non-club member and late fees) are not refundable if the applicant withdraws within ten days of the test session or does not show for a test.
  • Please note that U.S. Figure Skating requires that skaters retrying a test wait at least 27 days following the date of the original test.
  • All WSC Club Members must pay the annual $20 hospitality fee with their first test submission of a new Club Season.
  • Skaters who are not home club members of Wissahickon Skating Club need to submit a “Permission to Test” letter from their home club with test application.
  • All Applicants and coaches should arrive one hour prior to the skater’s warm-up time and be prepared to test up to one hour before their scheduled time (with the exception of the first three skaters of the test session who may arrive 40 minutes prior to their warm-up time).  If the Test Session runs early and the Applicant is not prepared to test, the Applicant forfeits all fees for that test.

For more information, please contact our test chair at email: