WSC Announces New Director of Figure Skating
& Group Lessons, Russ Witherby


WSC is excited to announce Russ Witherby as its new Director of Figure Skating & Group Lessons. Russ is a National International Coach who has been teaching since 1996. He is a member of the PSA and serves on many USFS committees including the Judges Committee. As a skater, Russ was a National, International, World & Olympic Competitor for Team USA in Ice Dancing. He is the 1992 US Ice Dance Champion, and was on the 1992 US Olympic Team. As a coach, Russ enjoys working with skaters at all levels and holds USFS Gold Medals in Dance & Free Dance, as well as International Dances. Russ teaches all levels of Dance, Choreography, Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Stroking.

Russ Looks forward to running the Club’s Learn to Skate Program!  Let us all wish Philippe Poirier, former WSC Figure & Group Lessons Director the best of luck in his new career and welcome Russ to the WSC Family! 

Russ may be reached at