Junior Figure Skating

Figure Skating & Ice Dancing Freestyle Sessions are for practicing jumps, spins, spirals, dance and required programs as set forth in the second component of the USFS Freestyle Test Structure. Private lessons with Club Professionals are conducted during these sessions. Junior dancers are permitted to attend certain Senior Skating Sessions, subject to the approval of the Rink Manager.

The Club Professionals are available for private instruction during Club Season for Club Members only. The rates are for half-hour private lessons – shorter lesson periods may be arranged.  Arrangements are made directly with the Professional of your choice.  For non-club members, lessons may be arranged between March 16th and Labor Day with the instructor of your choice. You would purchase your ice time from the office or Pro Shop then select your coach and pay them directly.  A list of the Club Professionals for private skating instruction can be found here http://www.wissskating.com/about/our-instructors/