Pro Shop items include:

  • New WSC Proshop Gift Cards
  • WSC Shield Blankets
  • Reebok “Warriors Hockey” warm-up suits
  • Mens “Warriors Hockey” long sleeve navy tees
  • Grit Hockey Bags
  • Fully Re-stocked Navy and Maroon Hoodys
  • “Odor Balance” equipment deodorizer/ sanitizer

We offer the finest selections of Figure and Hockey skates and expert fitting. To contact us please call (215) 247-1759 x16 or email us.

The Pro Shop at Wissahickon Skating Club is known for quality hockey and figure skating equipment along with its great reputation for proper fittings, repairs and sharpening. The Pro Shop is open 7 days a week, Monday through Fridays from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, Saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and Sunday from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM.

The shop carries most well-known brands of figure and hockey equipment including: Bauer, Riedell, Graf, Sherwood, Easton, STX, Mondor, Capezio, and League Collegiate Outfitters Apparel. Our Pro Shop staff can ensure that your protective equipment selections fit properly in order to assure maximum safety and performance. The Pro Shop is committed to offering a large selection of 1-piece hockey sticks, including: Bauer, STX, Sherwood, and Easton brands. Major brands of skates that we stock include Bauer, Graf, and Easton Hockey skates as well as Riedell Figure skates. The Pro Shop staff is factory trained to fit and repair the above brands. Today’s hockey and figure skates are high-tech, high-performance pieces of equipment, and buying your next pair of skates can be confusing. In order to take the guess work out of buying skates, you should always see your local dealer for some answers before you purchase skates. Our pro staff would like to help you get into the skate that is right for you.

While our shop has a Wide variety of brand names and equipment on hand, it is possible that you may have a specific or special need. In that case, talk to our staff to see if that need can be accommodated through a special order. However, keep in mind that special orders may require a waiting period for delivery and in some cases may require a minimum amount in order to be placed.

One advantage that our members have over outside customers is the ability to charge items on your house charge or account. If you wish to take advantage of this house account, you should ensure that you let the staff know by giving your last name and home address at the time of purchase so that the charge is placed against the correct account. With parental permission, family members can also use this house account but, parents must ensure that this benefit is used wisely. All charges in the Pro Shop to house accounts are due 30 days after the date of purchase and these charges will appear on your next Club statement. Since our Club does not operate a financing system like a department store, it is important to the Club’s financial position that members use the house account responsibly and pay balances in a timely fashion. You should also know that purchases and accounts can be satisfied with VISA, Master Card, Discover Card and/or personal checks.

Our Pro Shop staff includes:

   Amos Burns
Pro Shop Manager
John DeMeio
215-247-1759, ext. 18
Pro Shop Staff
Ron Radke
Pro Shop Staff/Skate Sharpening

Please keep in mind that the above individuals often serve double duty with regard to ice maintenance. Many times it is necessary to close the shop for ten to twenty minutes in order for one of our staff to operate the Olympia. If you need to make an emergency purchase or have a pair of skates sharpened, you should plan on arriving at the rink a few minutes earlier than you normally do. That may help avoid a conflict with the staff’s ice-cutting responsibilities.