Freestyle Sessions & Pricing

WSC is in Club Season from September 5, 2023 through March 17, 2024.  During Club Season, all skaters must be members of the Club.  Please click here for membership information.

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Non-Club Season (March 18, 2024 – September 2, 2024): How Freestyle Sessions Work

During the Non-Club off-season, skaters must purchase coupons for the ice sessions their age/level qualify them to use (see Figure Skating schedule above). No hockey skates, sticks or pucks allowed on Freestyle ice.  Skaters must have passed Basic Skills Level 2 to use the lowest Freestyle session and have passed Basic Skills 6 to use General Freestyle sessions. Please check the Figure schedule first to determine the number of sessions you wish to use.  One coupon is good for one session.  Coupons may be purchased online using our Online Registration System.  Coupons are sold individually or with discounts for volume.  Please Click Here to access the system to purchase coupons during the off-season only.  

The following session types are available:

A = Adult Freestyle -For Adult Skaters over age 18. May skate any session noted “Adult Freestyle”
G = General Freestyle -For skaters who have passed Basic Skills level 6. May skate any session noted “General Freestyle”. In
addition, if over age 18 and have passed Basic Skills level 6, may skate “General Freestyle” or any session noted “Adult Freestyle”
C = Combined Freestyle -All Figure Skaters of all ages who have passed Basic Skills level 2 can skate in this session

No hockey skates, sticks or pucks allowed on any Freestyle session.

Here are the basics of how the Spring off-season freestyle sessions will work:

1. PICK YOUR SKATING SESSIONS/TIMES: Refer to the Freestyle Schedule to determine the times you will skate during the Session.  Note: changes to the schedule could occur and will be posted on the website and will be emailed to those who have provided us with their email address.

2.     PURCHASE YOUR ICE COUPONS: Coupons are purchased online or in the front office or Pro Shop (when open).  We offer several volume levels beginning at 1 coupon for $18 and going up to unlimited Spring coupons at $600.  You can buy coupons at any time and in any of the available increments or add on any time you run out.

3.     TURN IN ONE COUPON PER SESSION: When you are ready to skate, coupons should be given to the ice attendant, or if no attendant is collecting, coupons should be turned in inside the Pro Shop or placed in the mailbox that hangs outside of the Pro-Shop.  Please write the skater’s name on each coupon.  Skaters are expected to turn in one coupon for each session they skate even if the sessions are continuous back to back sessions.

4.     SIGN IN WHEN YOU ARRIVE: There is a sign-in book located at the front of the building.  All skaters are asked to sign in each session that they skate, even if they skate back to back sessions.

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The following policies apply to all of our Freestyle sessions: