Kris Adlam-Shakarjian
Teaching since: 1981
Hourly Rate: $80
Phone #: 215-872-8899

Ratings: Master Freestyle, Master Moves, USFS Sectional Specialist in Singles, Certified Dance, Certified Group, Certified Figure.
Levels Taught:: Beginner through Elite.
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Dance, Figures, Group.

Julie Cardinale
Teaching since: 1991
Hourly Rate: $80

Background: Julie is a current member of the PSA, ISI, and USFS. She has performed with professional skating companies including the Ice Capades and Disney on Ice. Julie graduated cum laude with a MSED from University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education in Education Entrepreneurship and has a BFA from Moore College of Art and Design.
Levels Taught: All ages and levels
Disciplines Taught: Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Basic Skills, Power Skating, and Choreography

corleyLaura Corley
Member of PSA and 25 years teaching experience. US International coach in singles and pairs, Former U.S. International Women’s Team Member, Gold Figure and Freestyle Test Medalist.
Levels Taught: Preliminary through Competitive Freestyle
Disciplines Taught: Freestyle, Choreography, moves/stroking



Victoria Lyons
Teaching since: 2002
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 215-964-0690

Ratings:  Certified Group – 2011, Registered Moves – 2012, Registered Choreography – 2013.
Levels Taught: All, Beginner through Senior
Disciplines Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Off-Ice Dance (ballet, modern, jazz).

Mary McCallister
Teaching since:
Hourly Rate:
Phone #: 215-500-7882

Ratings: PSA Basic Accreditation
Levels Taught: All, tots through Gold.
Disciplines Taught: Groups, Moves, Freestyle, Figures, Power Skating.

Lisa Nowak-Spearing
Teaching since: 1986
Hourly Rate: $70
Phone #: 267-549-1720

Ratings: Senior Moves, Certified Freestyle, Certified Synchronized Team, Registered Figures.
Levels Taught: Beginner to Elite.
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Pairs, Synchro, Groups, Choreography, Figures.

Philippe Poirier
Teaching since: 1996
Hourly Rate: $72
Phone #: 215-776-1034

Background: PSA member. Freeskate Gold Medalist, International pattern dance and 20-year part-time dance partner. On tour with Holiday on Ice and part of Robin Cousins’ ICE for UK tour
Levels Taught: Beginner through International dance, up to Senior Moves
Disciplines Taught: Dance, Moves, Choreography

Ron Radke
Teaching at WSC since: 1975
Hourly Rate: $80
Phone #: 215-247-2212

Background: USFSA Double Gold Medalist in Dance and Free Dance. Three-time national competitor in Ice Dance
Ratings: Basic Accreditation
Levels Taught: Recreational, Low, Medium, High
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Dance, Pair, Choreography, Power Skating, Harness, Music Editing, Skate Sharpening

Paula Shomer
Teaching since: 1996
Hourly Rate: $66
Phone #: (215) 519-6938

Background: PSA member, Temple University graduate studied Sport/Athletics Management
Levels Taught: Tot through Adult, Moves in the Field Pre-Preliminary through Senior, Freestyle beginner through Intermediate
Disciplines Taught:  Moves in the Field, Freestyle and Group instruction