Russ Witherby, Director of  Figure Skating
Email:, Phone: 323-243-8377

Russ is a National International Coach who has been teaching since 1996. He is a member of the PSA and serves on many USFS committees including the Judges Committee. As a skater, Russ was a National, International, World & Olympic Competitor for Team USA in Ice Dancing. He is the 1992 US Ice Dance Champion, and was on the 1992 US Olympic Team. As a coach, Russ enjoys working with skaters at all levels and holds USFS Gold Medals in Dance & Free Dance, as well as International Dances. Russ teaches all levels of Dance, Choreography, Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Stroking.

Kris Adlam-Shakarjian
Email:, Phone: 215-872-8899

Kris is a member of PSA and USFS and cumulates 42 years teaching experience. She is a US National and International coach in singles. Her credentials include Gold Figure and Dance, Junior Freestyle and 3 International dances. Her PSA ratings include the following: Master Freestyle, Master Moves, Certified Group, Certified Figure, Certified Dance. She is PSA Ranking Level 4 and is also a certified Technical Specialist. Kris teaches all levels of Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Figures, Dance.

Paula Shomer
Email:, Phone: 215-519-6938

Paula has been coaching since 1996. She is a PSA member, Temple University graduate and studied Sport/Athletics Management. She teaches all levels, from Tot through Adult, Moves in the Field from Pre-Preliminary through Senior, Freestyle from beginner through Intermediate and also Group Lessons.
Levels Taught: Tot through Adult, Moves in the Field Pre-Preliminary through Senior, Freestyle beginner through Intermediate
Disciplines Taught:  Moves in the Field, Freestyle and Group instruction

Claire Lonergan
Email:, Phone: 610-360-9274

Claire is a member of PSA, USFS, USA Hockey and is Learn to Skate Certified. She passed USFS tests in the following disciplines: Free Skate, Moves in the Field, Pattern Dance, Solo Free Dance, Partnered Free Dance, Figures. Claire is a former competitive skater in Freestyle and Dance. Her ratings include Master Group, Certified Moves in the Field, Registered Free Skate, Hockey Skating Certification Levels 1, 2, 3, & 4. Claire teaches the following disciplines: Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Hockey Power Skating

Victoria Lyons
Email:, Phone: 215-964-0690

Victoria is a member of PSA, cumulates 15 years teaching experience and is a former Disney On Ice Performer. Her testing credentials include Gold Moves In The Field and Freestyle Test Medalist. She also has an AA Dance Degree from Montgomery County Community College. Her ratings include Certified Moves in the Field, Registered Group, Registered Choreography. Victoria teaches Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Figures, Synchro and Choreography. She teaches from youth and adult, Snowplow to Senior.

Crystal Smith
Email:, Phone: 415-203-3394

Crystal has been teaching since 1996. She is a US Figure Skating category A coach and Professional Skaters Association member. She is a USFS National Competitor, ISI Worlds Medalist and toured with Holiday on Ice (a professional figure skating show) throughout Europe. Crystal has a BS in Kinesiology: emphasis on Exercise and Movement Sciences with a concentration on Neuromuscular Science as well as Dance Aerobic and Fitness Certified. She is an Off-Ice Fitness Specialist who incorporates her Balanced Body Pilates training, Pilates Suspension Method, TRX Training, Barre and USFS Stars Combine Fitness Testing. Coach Crystal’s Motto is “Learning through fun and encouragement”. She has developed skaters from Learn to Skate to achieve their dreams whether to be a competitive freestyle skater, solo dance, showcase, synchro, theater on ice, show skater or just for fun!

Ladelyn McConnon
Email:, Phone: 631-560-5364

Ladelyn is a member of USFS and PSA, with 11 years of experience coaching. She loves teaching students of all ages from the tots to adults. Her focus is always to make sure her students feel comfortable, understand how their bodies should feel when going through different elements, but most importantly, to have fun! 


Ron Radke
Email:, Phone: 215-247-2212

Ron has been teaching since 1975. He his a USFS Double Gold Medalist in Dance and Free Dance and a three-time national competitor in Ice Dance. Ron is a PSA member and teaches all levels of Moves in the Field, Freestyle, Dance, Pair, Choreography, Power Skating. He also does music editing and skate sharpening at the club.

Sarah Muhl
Email:, Phone: 215-667-3005

Sarah has been skating for over 15 years. She competed nationally in singles free skating through the junior level and is a gold medalist in skating skills. She currently competes at the championship masters junior/senior adult level and is accomplished in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. She enjoys coaching all ages, levels and disciplines in both figure skating and hockey. Her areas of expertise include beginner to advanced edge work, skating skills, choreography, freestyle jumps & spins, and off ice training. She’s certified with both the Professional Skaters Association and USFSA, coaching throughout the Philadelphia area in hopes of sharing her love of skating with others. 

Julie Cardinale

Julie is a current member of the PSA, ISI, and USFS. Julie has toured with Disney On Ice, Ice Capades, Busch Gardens, Minnie Madden Productions, and RP Productions and held standout roles of Inspector Clusseau, Michael Darling, and pair team. Julie coaches all ages and levels of competitive and recreational skating, and specializes in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, and Choreography. Julie holds a MSED cum laude from UPenn and BFA cum laude from Moore College of Art and Design.

Philippe Poirier
Email:, Phone: 215-776-1034

Philippe is the current Director of Skating Program at WSC. He competed in both singles and ice dance at the Canadian national level. His testing credentials include Gold Free Skate, Gold MIF and International Pattern Dance. He has been coaching and dance partnering skaters of all ages and all levels for over 25 years. After getting his MBA in arts management in Quebec, Philippe joined the ice show as a professional skater. He toured with Holiday On Ice for 8 years, and also with Robin Cousins’ ICE for its inaugural UK tour. Philippe has also worked as an executive manager for a Canadian contemporary dance company, which allowed him to combine his enthusiasm for cultural business management and his passion for dance. He is currently coaching in the Philadelphia area, as well as guest coaching in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Philippe is a PSA member and teaches all levels of Pattern Dances and Free Dance, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Stroking and Edge Class.
Levels Taught: Beginner through International dance, up to Senior Moves
Disciplines Taught: Dance, Moves, Choreography

Michael Solonoski
Email: Phone: 917-710-7486

Michael is a former senior national competitor, international competitor, Team USA member and is a 2-time Adult National Champion. He holds an architecture degree from Drexel University and earned four Collegiate National medals. Michael toured internationally as a principal skater for 5 years, pushing the creative boundaries of professional skating by adding live singing, aerials, and other art forms to his performances. Michael teaches Freestyle, Moves in the Field and enjoys choreographing and music editing. His approach assesses students’ short and long-term goals, and develops a training plan of structured on-ice and off-ice training. Michael still loves to skate and hopes to share his passion for the sport and all of its valuable life lessons.

Jordan Kotler
Jordan is presently on a leave. Check back in Fall 2024 for contact info

Jordan is a licensed social worker for kids. She is a member of PSA with 3 years teaching experience. She is a former Collegiate Synchronized Skating and Intercollegiate competitor with University of Maryland’s Figure Skating Club. Jordan is working on her Novice Moves in the Field and Pre-Silver Ice Dances. She loves working with beginners and kids. She teaches Learn to Skate, Moves in the Field and Intro Freestyle

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