Dear Club Members,

We are excited to show the July and August renovation in time lapse video (see link below). A brief synopsis of what has been accomplished in the last 6 weeks:

Click here to see the July and August time lapse video of the rink renovation

  • After the perimeter concrete work was finished in early July, the crew from everything ice took over the most crucial aspect of our renovation – the ice surface and related mechanicals
    • First the return heat piping was installed backfilled and carefully leveled (this will prevent any future permafrost)
    • Next is the vapor barrier and the foam insulation then another vapor barrier
      • Notice the header trench
    • Then the brine piping is carefully installed and connected to the header pipes and then covered with a layer of sand which is leveled to complete our new floor
    • Finally, the new dasher boards are installed
  • In addition to the ice surface, countless other improvements and smaller projects have been ongoing throughout the renovation period including:
    • Painting the entire arena interior
    • 2 new corner storage towers
    • Locker room renovations
    • Café and Proshop renovations
    • General cosmetic improvements
  • Some projects that will be completed in the next 3 weeks include:
    • Newly paved parking lot
    • New Rubber flooring
    • New Center ice hung scoreboard
    • New Sound system
    • New improved wi-fi system

While it appears we will indeed have ice ready for our first day of club season on Tuesday, September 3rd, there will be several important unfinished projects including installation of our scoreboard, sound system, and wifi system that require lifts on the ice surface and will force us to open at 4pm between 9/3 and 9/6. A special abbreviated schedule is included in the link below for our first week which includes a Club-wide Party on Saturday, September 7th -12pm-8pm (details to follow).

Click here to redirect to our complete Rink Renovation page

Looking forward to seeing everyone enjoying the new club digs very soon……. 

Thank You,

Jon Buehler, General Manager