Freestyle Coupons For Individuals Age 62+


Coupons Only Available in the Off-Season beginning March 20, 2022. 
Click Here to Consult Figure Schedule to determine the number of coupons you need

For individuals ages 62+, please use this form to order any number of coupons for yourself only at the Senior rate of $12/session.  NOTE: This rate is only good for your own personal skating session.  You MAY NOT purchase coupons for other skaters at this rate. Enter all information below including your desired quantity of coupons then click “Add To Cart”.  The system will calculate your price per coupon based on the number you select once you add them to your cart.  Finalize your order by clicking the cart at the top of the screen and providing the requested information.

For Skaters Under Age 62 or those wanting the Unlimited Freestyle package, please click here to order your coupons by using the appropriate order entry screen. 


During the off-season, from mid-March through Labor Day, we offer Freestyle sessions to the public via coupon purchase.

Non-Club Season: How Freestyle Sessions Work

Through Labor Day, the Club will be in off-season. This means that the rink is open for skating to members and non-members. During this time of year, ice time for Freestyle or lessons is purchased by coupon sales. Usually one coupon will buy you about an hour of ice time. During Freestyle sessions, skaters must either be in a lesson with a coach or practicing their Moves in the Field, Freestyle or Ice Dance.

Here are the basics of how the Spring off-season freestyle sessions work:

1. PICK YOUR SKATING SESSIONS/TIMES: Refer to the Freestyle Schedule to determine the times you will skate during the Session.  Note: changes to the schedule could occur and will be posted on the website and will be emailed to those who have provided us with their email address.

2.     PURCHASE YOUR ICE COUPONS: Please use this site to purchase coupons online in advance.  We offer several volume levels beginning at 1 coupon for $16 and going up to unlimited season coupons at $600.  You can buy coupons at any time and in any of the available increments or add on any time you run out.

3.     TURN IN ONE COUPON PER SESSION: When you are ready to skate, coupons should be given to the ice attendant, or if no attendant is collecting, coupons should be turned in inside the Pro Shop or placed in the mailbox that hangs outside of the Pro-Shop.  Please write the skater’s name on each coupon.  Skaters are expected to turn in one coupon for each session they skate even if the sessions are continuous back to back sessions.

4.     SIGN IN WHEN YOU ARRIVE: There is a sign-in book located on the bleachers outside of the door to the ice surface.  All skaters are asked to sign in each session that they skate, even if they skate back to back sessions.

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