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2014-15 Bday Party Flier Page-1

WHEN: During any Public Skating Session
TIME: Friday evenings 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM (Ice Cut 9:30 PM)
COST: $9.00 Admission, $3.00 Skate Rental, $1.00 Season Guest Card
$1.00 Discount per person if you have more than 15 skaters

Party The main party room is $30.00
Room: The alternate party room is $20.00


You can get into the room to decorate and set up about one-half hour before the session. We will have a table set up and there are chairs in the rooms. You need to bring a list of who you invited to the party (first and last name) and give it to one of our employees. Keep track of the number of skaters and skate rentals and you can pay one of the employees in the ticket booth or pro shop. We clean the ice after the first hour and everyone has to get off of the ice for 15 minutes. That is a good time to have your party. If you plan to have pizza, we recommend Fiesta Pizza in Chestnut Hill. Ask them to deliver pizza about 15 minutes before the ice cut (See ice cut times above). If you call ahead and order pizza, make sure you give them your name so they will bring the pizza to the correct party room. Fiesta’s number is 215-247-4141. I recommend that you ask for the pizza to be double cut into 16 slices because it is easier to handle and less waste. The tablecloth at the Dollar Store works well and you can get great party goods there too. Please mail deposit check for the room to Wissahickon Skating Club, 550 W. Willow Grove Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118. Put the date of the party in the memo portion of the check. We only need the room deposit paid in advance and you can pay for the skaters at the rink the day of the party. To reserve a room, or if you have questions, please call Lydia at 215-247-1759¬†ext #13.