Our Instructors

Kris Adlam-Shakarjian
Teaching since: 1981
Hourly Rate: $76
Phone #: 215-872-8899
email- Kshakarjian@aol.com

Ratings: Master Freestyle, Master Moves, Certified Dance, Certified Group, Certified Figure.
Levels Taught:: Beginner through Elite.
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Dance, Figures, Group.

Regina Barr
Teaching since: 1993
Hourly Rate: $70
Phone #: 610-260-0286
email- reginabarr@comcast.net

Ratings: Certified Freestyle, Registered Dance, Registered Moves.
Levels Taught:: All levels Tot through Gold.
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Dance, Synchro, Freestyle, Choreography.

Melissa Beck
Teaching since: 1995
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 215-906-6506
email- melissarbeck@comcast.net

Ratings: Professional Skaters Association Basic Accreditation Exam, Registered Group Instructor.
Levels Taught: Recreational, beginner- Intermediate
Disciplines Taught:Moves in the Field, Freestyle & Group Lessons

CG Lee
Teaching since: 1999
Hourly Rate: $78
Phone #: 302-565-9931
email- skate.cg@hotmail.com

Background: Member of PSA. 2002 Olympic Team Member. 4-time Korean National Dance Champion. Former U.S. Team Member. B.A. degree in Physical Education. U.S. Gold Dance, Moves, Free Dance and Test Medalist.
Levels Taught: Beginner through Competitive Dance, Moves.
Disciplines Taught: Dance, Moves.

Victoria Lyons
Teaching since: 2002
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 215-964-0690
email- recolyons@gmail.com

Ratings:  Certified Group Р2011, Registered Moves Р2012, Registered Choreography Р2013.
Levels Taught: All, Beginner through Senior
Disciplines Taught: Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Off-Ice Dance (ballet, modern, jazz).

Mary McCallister
Teaching since:
Hourly Rate:
Phone #: 215-500-7882
email- marymac0404@gmail.com

Ratings: PSA Basic Accreditation
Levels Taught: All, tots through Gold.
Disciplines Taught: Groups, Moves, Freestyle, Figures, Power Skating.

Lisa Nowak-Spearing
Teaching since: 1986
Hourly Rate: $70
Phone #: 267-549-1720
email- lnowaksk8@comcast.net

Ratings: Senior Moves, Certified Freestyle, Certified Synchronized Team, Registered Figures.
Levels Taught: Beginner to Elite.
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Pairs, Synchro, Groups, Choreography, Figures.

Ron Radke
Teaching since: 1975
Hourly Rate: $72
Phone #: 215-247-2212

Ratings: Basic Accreditation
Levels Taught: Recreational, Low, Medium, High
Disciplines Taught: Moves, Freestyle, Dance, Pair, Choreography, Power Skating, Harness

Ashleigh Renard
Director of Synchronized Skating
Teaching since: 1992
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 267-614-5657
email- ashleighrenard@gmail.com

Ratings: PSA Master Synchronized Team Rating
Levels Taught: All levels.
Disciplines Taught: Synchronized Skating, Strength & Conditioning, Moves.

Logan Renard
Teaching since: 2002
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 215-622-3792
email- loganrenard@hotmail.com

Ratings: PSA Basic Accreditation, Certified Synchronized Team, Registered Moves in the Field, Level III Ranking
Levels Taught: Beginners to Novice Moves in the Field
Disciplines Taught: MIF, Freestyle & Synchro

Kathy Romano
Teaching since: 1965
Hourly Rate: $70
Phone #: 215-247-1759 ext. #11
email- kcrsk8pro@comcast.net

Ratings: Senior in Group, Figure-Freestyle, Pairs, Dance, Hockey I, II; Refresher II
Levels Taught: Tots, Children, Adults
Disciplines Taught: Group Singles, Moves, Beginner Dance

Mat Rosso

Teaching since: 2009
Hourly Rate: $60
Phone #: 484-843-5871
email- mrosso@ashtontweed.com

Ratings: Basic Accreditation
Levels Taught:
Disciplines Taught: Freestyle, Power, Moves, Dance, Choreography, and Off-Ice Training/Conditioning