Mission Statement & Club History

Mission Statement

The Wissahickon Skating Club is a private, not-for-profit, family-oriented skating club dedicated to the development of amateur skating through programs in figure, hockey, and recreational skating.  The club welcomes members, skaters, coaches and employees from all economic, ethnic, religious and national backgrounds. The Wissahickon Skating Club is a community committed to skaters of all ages and abilities.

Club History

Wissahickon Skating Club is a not-for-profit Pennsylvania Corporation organized in 1954 for the purpose of supporting and developing amateur athletes for national and international competition in figure skating and ice hockey.

Wissahickon Skating Club was founded in the early 1950’s by a group of prominent Chestnut Hill families who felt strongly that an ice skating facility should be a part of their community. Bonds were floated and construction of the Club began in 1955. The Club opened it’s doors in October of 1956. It is one of only 7or 8 Skating Clubs in the country to own its own facility.

For the first several years of operation, the Club operated a 7 month season. Additional equipment was installed in the late ’50’s to permit summer operation and by 1960 the Club provided aspiring figure and hockey skaters the opportunity to hone their skills year-round.